In addition to substantial savings on the hardware which is of order of magnitude, the savings on RDBMS such as Sybase is considerable as table below shows.

Product Solaris Linux Savings
ASE 12.5             3550   2170 38%
ASE license per seat 710             430 39%
Replication Server    2660  2660 -
Replication Server license per seat 530 530 -


Peridale has a team of DBAs and developers who are very familiar with Linux and with other current operating systems such as Solaris. We will provide you with a Linux solution best suited to your needs. We will undertake to train your current DBAs and developers on all aspects of Linux. We guarantee to provide you with a cost effective, efficient and scalable solution. We will train your existing DBAs in all aspects of Sybase on Linux. For all your Linux solutions and free advice please contact our Sales team at

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